Presentation on Monday 27-06

On Monday, we presented our Teaser Trailer. It can be found on YouTube.

The following people have contributed to the trailer:

We also presented the game itself. More info can be found in media/extra/game.

Fourth meeting

On the 24th of June, our fourth meeting took place. Unfortunately, a lot of people were absent.

The meeting minutes can be found here.

Third meeting

On the 20th of June, our third meeting took place. It was announced that Reinier has left the group, and although he is still willing to do some tasks for this project, no tasks will be assigned to him for now. Another thing that was mentioned is the fact that the laptop of the mocap team is currently under repair at the Notebook Service Center, so no motion capturing can be done at the moment. For now, we will use existing character animations from the internet.

Our main objective for next week is to have a trailer to tell our story and to finished the minimum required models and combine them in a level in which the player can walk around. Christopher will take care of the "overall" level in which all models are combined. The church is modeled by Sven, Tobias takes care of the character model, Thomas is responsible for the monument, and the rest of the modelers take care of smaller objects like street lamps, tables & chairs. The other part of the team, consisting of the story team plus Dmitri and Michel, will finish the story and prepare a trailer for the presentation on the 27th of June.

The meeting minutes can be found here.

Second meeting

On the 14th of June, our second meeting took place. It was announced that the request to use a mocap-suit for the game has been approved. Next to that, a new member has joined the group: Renier Vens. Three stories were proposed:

After deciding to go with the supercomputer story for now, the story team started to work on the full story for the game. Next up was division of the modeling tasks, since modeling takes up a big part of the development of this game. The tasks were divided as follows:

The meeting minutes can be found here.

First meeting

On the 8th of June, our first meeting took place. We decided upon the main setting for our game: a post-apocalyptic Oude Markt in Enschede. Secondly, we made a preliminary task division, which you can find below. Thirdly, we decided to use a mocap suit to capture the animations for the main character.

The tasks are currently divided as follows:

The meeting minutes can be found here.