Living & Working Tomorrow: Workpals

Posted on: Thursday 30 June 2011 at 14:31

For the course Living & Working Tomorrow we had to come up with 100 ideas from a combination of a word with a field relevant to Creative Technology. The field we chose was Telepresence, and you can see the original 100 ideas here. From these 100 ideas, we had to select the ten best, and put them on a innovation versus feasibility chart.

The next step was to select the best idea, which to us was the sinas drinking competition. Although the idea itself isn't very easy to translate into a useful product, we used the concept "people matched on interest" and developed this into a new idea: Workpals. Workpals is a system that is able to match colleges based on their preference in music and websites they frequent. The idea behind Workpals is that in larger companies, not everybody knows each other, while it is in the best interest of both the employees and the employer to change this situation. Employees become more motivated because they are able to work in a more social and fun environment, and employers are rewarded with more motivated and thus more loyal and hard-working employees. You can find the full report on Workpals here.

Please be informed that links in Appendix A might be outdated.

-Michel Lamoré