Essay on Walt Disney

Posted on: Tuesday 21 June 2011 at 16:21

The topic I chose for the essay for Interactive Visualization is the influence of Walt Disney on the animation industry. Disney is the first name that comes to mind when thinking about animation for a lot of people, and is a part of childhood memories of many. In the essay I have explored two artistic and one technical innovation that show why Walt Disney was so important to the animation industry. Click here to read the essay.

-Michel Lamoré

Wafer oven processing sketch

Posted on: Tuesday 21 June 2011 at 13:45

Project "Nanox" is the visualisation of the oxidation process - a process that is needed to prepare a wafer for further use in the process of making a microchip. Our idea is to make several videos explaining the intricacies of the process, with an applet after each video to check whether you understood what was just explained. All this content will be presented in the form of a platforming game. For our first presentation of the project, which took place on the 16th of May, I made an applet where you can adjust the oxygen input as well as the wafer positions in the wafer oven, as you can see here. For more information on the project, I would like to refer you to its website.

-Michel Lamoré

Moodspace in Unity

Posted on: Wednesday 18 May 2011 at 09:27

For Interactive Visualization, we have to visualize the oxidation process, which is a part of chip manufacturing. Before we can do something useful in Unity (the engine we will use for the visualization) though, we will just have to experiment with the tool to get a feel for what is possible with it. For this purpose we had to create a so-called moodspace. My idea was to create a visual history of the videogame Need for Speed, which can be explored with a car. You can find the result on Dropbox. The car can be controlled with the WASD keys.

-Michel Lamoré